About Green River LLC

Green River LLC is a general contractor serving commercial and residential customers.  Located in Knoxville, TN, our service area includes East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Northern Georgia and Southeastern Kentucky.

We perform new construction, renovations, and retrofits.  Our team of expert craftsmen can satisfy all your general contracting needs, providing quality products on time and in budget.  Our knowledge and experience includes green building methods and materials such as advanced framing, ENERGY STAR windows and doors, cool roof systems, conditioned attics, encapsulated crawl spaces, and spray foam insulation.

Our weatherization team can make your building comfortable, energy-efficient, and quiet by providing air sealing, crawlspace repair, duct repair, and insulation.  We can also stop water intrusion into your crawlspace or basement and clean up mold.

We also provide inspection and testing services for new and existing construction.  Our building science professionals can measure energy loss using blower door, duct blaster and thermal imaging camera.  We can identify the causes for occupant discomfort and recommend methods to correct energy loss, water intrusion and health-related problems.  We can also provide energy labeling and code compliance support.

Green River can solve all your general contracting needs.  Call us today and get started!

Meet the Owners!

Green River is owned and operated by Lora Corder and Charlene Morrow. After working together on several projects, they decided to team up and focus their energy on helping others through building science.

Lora Corder is Green River’s COO and Principal Building Performance Professional.

Lora Corder

Lora is currently the Principal Building Performance Professional and COO for Green River LLC. She holds an A.S. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering Technology.

Lora is an experienced building scientist with extensive training in energy modeling, thermal camera diagnostics, building air leakage testing, indoor air quality, appliance combustion zone safety, and thermal envelope and air barrier construction. She is certified as a RESNET HERs Rater, an ENERGY STAR Verifier, a BPI Building Analyst, a mold inspector, and an EarthCraft Technical Advisor. Lora routinely consults with stakeholders to identify and resolve building performance issues.  Lora also manages the spray foam insulation operations for Green River.

In prior years, she conducted environmental research for the Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and for the Department of Defense at Echota Technologies.

Lora enjoys hiking the Smoky Mountains, canoeing, reading, freelance writing, and good strong coffee in the morning.

Email: lora@greenriver-llc.com

Charlene Morrow is Green River’s CEO, Licensed General Contractor, and Principal Environmental Professional.

Charlene Morrow

Charlene is currently the Principal Environmental Professional and CEO for Green River LLC. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering.  She is a Certified Graduate Builder and has held a General Contractor license for 25 years. Charlene brings a unique skill set to her projects, being an experienced Green Builder with extensive training in building science, energy modeling, thermal camera diagnostics, building air leakage testing, and thermal envelope and air barrier construction. She is certified as a HERs Rater, an ENERGY STAR Verifier, and an EarthCraft Builder.

Formerly, she served as Principal Engineer/Hydrogeologist and Director of Operations for a civil and environmental engineering consulting firm located in Washington, D.C. During her tenure, the company was selected as the small business of year by the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence.

In prior years, she served as a Program Manager for the same company, with direct responsibility for execution of $1M to $150M contracts with government agencies, including DoD, DOE, DOT, DOI, and EPA. She provided expertise in water resources and waste management, the fate and transport of contaminants in the environment, site characterization and remedial actions for hazardous and radioactive waste sites, regulatory compliance, permitting and negotiations. She has worked throughout and outside the United States on a wide variety of projects.

Earlier in her career, she served as a Project Manager and was responsible for planning and design for industrial and commercial projects, development of cost estimates and feasibility studies, work and quality assurance plans, health and safety plans, and construction management.

Her previous employers include the University of Arkansas, University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Bike Athletic, Colgate Palmolive, and Evaluation Research Corporation.

In her spare time, Charlene enjoys canoeing, gardening, bird watching, rescuing stray cats and injured birds, advocating for conservation of the planet and clean water.

Email: charlene@greenriver-llc.com