Pre-Construction Meeting

To make an energy-efficient structure, the builder and all subcontractors must use the right combination of methods and materials from start to finish.

pre construction meetingWe support clients who are ready to begin building through a pre-construction meeting that includes the builder, his or her crew, and as many of the subcontractors as possible. The participants are told about the energy-efficiency goals for the project and their expected roles and responsibilities.

At this meeting, we do the following:

  • Give participants drawings and instructions on how to accomplish their jobs
  • Identify the specific steps and sequencing to be taken by each trade
  • Establish the materials and equipment to be used
  • Recommend any necessary changes in building details
  • Discuss lessons learned during previous projects
  • Establish the need for any further training sessions for specific trades
  • Make subcontractors aware their work will be inspected and tested for air tightness
Without this step, a well-designed, energy-efficient building plan may not result in a well-built, energy-efficient structure.

The pre-construction meeting is a crucial element to an organized, productive and goal-oriented job site, ensuring that subcontractor expectations are managed effectively and issues are addressed before hand – saving you both time and money.

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