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Energy labeling refers to the various voluntary green certification programs currently available for new homes.

For those individuals who truly want a green, energy efficient, healthy, durable home, participating in a green building certification program is one of the best ways to guarantee the result. While working with an experienced green home builder can be extremely beneficial, it is not absolutely necessary, as long as you have a builder who is willing to work with you and within the guidelines of a green building certification program.

Such programs outline criteria against which potential green homes can be evaluated. Criteria such as maintaining green space, selecting green building products, ensuring proper water management, and measuring the home’s performance on a variety of tests are taken into consideration. In some systems, points are awarded for each component that is met, while for others, mandatory requirements on a checklist are satisfied.

We work with builders, homeowners, and developers who are ready to break ground to certify their new homes through either of two nationally recognized programs: EPA’s ENERGY STAR® and the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Challenge Home Program.

Although the processes are similar, each of these programs has specific criteria and timelines that must be met in order attain their certificate. We have the expertise and experience to help you through the many steps of these processes to successful project completion and award of the certificate.

We distinguish ourselves from other energy raters by providing turnkey support during the building process, helping the builders and their subcontractors to identify and comply with the necessary steps to achieve each desired certification on a day-to-day basis.

Why builders should participate in an energy labeling program

BLD_1aConsumers Want To Save Energy. In today’s flat building market, the ENERGY STAR® or other energy-certification label on a home gives a definite selling advantage in return for a slight increase in production costs. This will help distinguish you as a builder of above-average homes. Consumers will seek you out, giving you a competitive edge.