In many areas of the country this question wouldn’t even be asked because there is a shortage of water and strict controls in place for water usage.

Some cities even have water police that will ticket people for washing their cars or watering their lawns because the problem is that serious.  In the East Tennessee area, we are fortunate that water is abundant—most of the time.  But our area has suffered severe droughts within recent years, causing a significant loss of trees.  Also, not far from us in the Atlanta area, the drinking water supply became critically low during these droughts.  Therefore we should not take a plentiful water supply for granted.

water conservationOf course, water costs money.  In areas serviced by municipal sewer systems, the bill for sewer services is usually based on the amount of water usage, so the customer essentially gets billed twice for the water they use.

Green River can diagnose the causes of high water usage and recommend corrective actions.  In some cases, when we find a leak, you may be able to get a credit from the utility company on your water bill- and better yet – homeowners insurance may even cover the cost of repairs.